Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shiny Gems

We've been a threesome for just over two years now. In these two years, I've been able to juggle working from home one day with Ella and have my Thursdays off. At this time of year it gets complicated at work. Our busy season is upon us. I work like a dog on those four days so that I can - so we can - have this gem that is known as Thursdays. I put chores and errands aside most of the time so that we can explore, enjoy...do.

And while the weather this time of year isn't great for outdoor play, our Art Museum fills that void. Our very cool Museum could fill a void 365 days a year. It's a huge gem in the crown of our sweet little Midwest city. I will speak of this again, no doubt. Ella and her friends couldn't agree more.

Please Note: Lefty!

Re-fueling with Rozzie and James, our neighborhood buddy.

In addition to hanging out in the Family Center (now on a first-name basis with the staff) and eating lunch at the cafe, we managed to corral the shorties for storytime in one of the main galleries. We learned all about Iggy the Architect. I was rather giddy about being sprawled out on those old cork floors with big masterpieces staring down at us.

Ella and Rozzie, bossing Thomas.
Having Thomas and his mama with us on Thursdays is a real treat. He is a joy and truth be told, Katie and I like fussing over him just as much as Ella and Rozzie. We ended our day at the piano. I love their sweet little hands.

Check out Thomas, checking out the Big Girls :)
Happy Weekend Ella-Land!

H, L & EML

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  1. I can't believe it's been two years!! I started following shortly before your brought Ella home. !! WOW. She was gorgeous to begin with and somehow gets even more beautiful every day.

    I too my kids to UofM art museum last midwinter break. I am a former (?) art director and avid amateur photographer. Much to my delight, I discovered that the great bonus of art museums is that the natural light there is AMAZING for photos. Got wonderful results there.

    All the best!