Monday, March 12, 2012

Peek-a-boo spring.

This weekend was filled with enormous amounts of sunshine and yesterday brought us warmer temperatures. We even saw our first baby Monarch butterfly flitting about! All has helped to offset our general grumpiness about the hour lost (time change) and Ella's continual fractured sleep patterns.

I can't remember the last time - certainly pre-Ella - we got such a jump start on spring garden clean up. And, it is amazing the difference a year can make. Ella's sense of independence in our yard, gardens and up and down the driveway has blossomed.

In honor of the upcoming green holiday, I busted out another antique for Ella to wear to Ah-men on Sunday morning. She can rock green velvet. My mom made this dress for me some 40 years ago.

Kunming Pearls, something she thinks she should wear all the time.

Because I have a sense of humor and more than willing to laugh at myself, I've included the next image. Yes, me. In this very dress. With very BIG hair, a hair curling experiment that leaves me looking like I'm donning a wig. And my hair appears red, quite red as a matter of fact.

Even Ella doesn't believe it is her Mama as a youngster.

May your week be filled with butterflies, spring weather and laughing at yourself whenever possible!


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