Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birdhouses and Busy Weekends.

Birdhouses. She loves them. Even more, she loves painting them. We recently had a family night painting session and her concentration is something else!

This past weekend, we attended Emmett's 2nd birthday party. Much to Ella's delight, there was a bouncy house. Roz and Ava attended as well and each of them loved the cake.

Such delightful lady-like behavior, don't you think?

Emmett and his Mama.
And Ella's Daddy-o had a big weekend of playing with the band. Ella and I hung out at their gig on Saturday morning and enjoyed breakfast. She spent most of her time dancing next to me or bashfully strumming "Dinah" along with the music.

Thanks to Rozzie for the cool t-shirt.

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