Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesdays with Papa

I've spent most of my lifetime convinced that no way, no how anyone could ever duplicate the special relationship I had with my grandparents. I stand corrected.

In fact, Ella may even be beating me out. When I see how my parents look at Ella, well ... I think you get it.

Ella's Papa picked her up this morning and off they went to "Papa's Work" to visit his customers.

I was able to work from home without much interruption. Everyone was smiling.

Of course, as soon as he pulled out the driveway after returning her home she turned into the devil-child. I blame him and all the folks who fell all over her today. Ahh, but what a wonderful problem to have.

Thank you Papa and Grandma for being the perfect grandparents to our little Ella. Donna Ruth and Carl would be so proud!!

H, L & EML

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  1. I so enjoyed their visit. Hope they come back real soon. And your right your Parents are bubbling over with Joy.