Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet little dresses. Sweet little girls.

Sometimes you wonder why you keep all these boxes of stuff from your childhood. With each move, you really, really question it. But then there's that AH-HA moment. On Tuesday, it happened for me.

Here, Ella is wearing a dress my mother made for me over 40 years ago. For Pete's sake, she's wearing an antique! I wore it to my aunt's wedding.

And no wisecracks about my hairstyle, got it? But for the peach ribbon, this dress has stood the test of time. Funny how what goes around comes around. When you add in some of my heels, you've got quite the mod look...a look that would be getting the thumb's up in P*eople Mag.

Then I unearthed this dress too.

For those of you old enough, think the era of Holly Hobbie!

And did I mention hats? Because there were hats and I absolutely LOVE a good hat. Ella and Roz are all set for next year's Derby.

And the best of this was capturing our girls with their personalities shining through.

And a few of Ella's favorite sayings these days? "That is wonderful!" "That is cool, mom!" "Thank you very, very much." She's polite AND funny.

Have a good weekend. H, L & EML

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