Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple of our eye.

Last week we enjoyed a beautiful fall morning at a local apple orchard with KatieRoz. The girls did an amazing job of getting into the apple-pickin' groove. There was a lot of eating a long the way.

I write this on Sunday night and am shaking my head how quickly our weekend flew by. We packed in some great stuff. We celebrated two years for our buddy Ike on Friday. On Saturday morning, we enjoyed our local university's homecoming parade (that winds through our neighborhood). Saturday night, Ella packed her bags for a slumber party with her Grandma and Papa while we got a jump start on repainting the kitchen and THEN even managed to muster up the energy to hit our friends' party. Tonight we'll fall into bed with a serious sense of accomplishment!

Perhaps you'll get some time this week to enjoy the last of October with someone who makes you smile.

Wish us luck on Halloween Costume 2011. We've got a lot of creating to do before October 31. And nope...we aren't giving away the surprise!

H, L & EML

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