Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tree Go Boom, Mama.

How do you explain THIS to a two year old without setting the stage for her to be scared of rain, wind and "funder"? It is delicate, let me tell you.

Friday afternoon we were blasted with a huge storm. We came home from work to this. And, no power. Not only did a large portion of our tree come crashing down across our driveway, but it came down on one of our other trees out near the street.

Ella and Panda got to work surveying the damage. There was an awful lot of "What happened? Tree Go Boom, Mama?"

The trees in our neighborhood make it magical. The trees in our yard are no exception, providing perfect canopies to our landscaping and gardens. Where some might say, "Good - less leaves to rake" we are moping around at the loss. The city tree will be marked for removal. Our big old beast is on borrowed time.

Two days later, and the city crews haven't shown up to start hacking away. We are the reason every car comes to a near standstill as they drive down our street. (Really not how I wanted THAT to happen!)

Ella seems to be pretty tuned in to what we're feeling. We're not surprised she's a Tree Hugger like us.

On the bright side, it has hindered my ability to mow (Reason #458 that Larry married me...I do all the mowing). ~ H, L & EML

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