Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ready to Holler.

It is a scorcher here in Ella-land today. Trying to dress her for church (in our sans air-conditioned sanctuary) takes some thought. Ella selected her coolest footwear, on wrong feet, I might add. We ditched the boots and opted for sandals before heading out. I honestly think they would have hindered her ability to holler Ah-men.

On Thursday, we reconvened our own little United Nations session poolside. This group of kids got together back in late December. They have all grown like weeds! (Click here to check out that post.) Ella was the youngest at our gathering. She is still so reluctant around a swimming pool, while the others jump, swim and play. I have to remind myself that she is still a babe in a lot of respects. It is tough when she talks as well as a four-year old!

Silly mamas. We decided to get the U.N. Group Shot after hours of swimming and sun. It was chaos and cranky and there was cryyyyyiiiing (see Ava). I think this captures it beautifully.

Ella 2; Roz 2 1/2; Ava 3. A force to be reckoned with when together.

Last night, we hit the ballpark for a very special evening. Ella's buddy, Nicholas, threw out the first pitch for our local team.

It was SRO. The place was packed. It was a big deal. A really, really big deal. (Nicholas's mama is Christina. Up until May when she retired, Christina was Ella's Friday care-giver.) We squealed and cheered watching him on the big field! I cried my ever-lovin' eyes out. He's a special guy. And Ella and Nicholas have a wonderful connection.

The hottest week of the year is coming up AND it is Vacation Bible School at church all week. (Without fail...every year this happens.) Ella and I are helping out. Hey, a Panda is the main character. You think we'd miss this??

~H, L & EML

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