Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Ella Have Fun"

Fun is the new kid on the block. There is nothing better than tucking our girl in at night to have her giggle out, Ella have fun! In fact, she had so much fun during her lunch date with Roz yesterday that when I told her it was time for a nap, her screaming, crying response was, No Mama! No night-night! Ella have more of the fun! She slept three hours. Fun can be exhausting.

And speaking of sleep, our girl is rather slow in wanting to get out of her crib. L-A-Z-Y. It is a long process...

...one that has horrible consequences if rushed. Believe me - horrible. (She has a good grasp of our weekly routines; knows which days afford her the slow wake-up.) No complaints, however. She loves her crib and stays IN it.

She digs her little bedroom. She is just tall enough to hike herself into her window seat.  And because Ella's sewing-whiz Grandma created such a cozy spot, she's pretty giddy. In PJ's, squeaky clean after a bath, she put on her obnoxiously huge flower headband and played forever.

It was nice of Ella to allow her Daddy to share in the comfort that is deep shaggy blue squishy-ness but it is obvious from her expression. He's crampin' her style.

We hope to have more of the fun this week, including a pool party tomorrow with Roz, Ava H. and a few other little ones! H, L & EML

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