Monday, June 13, 2011

Sprinkle Some Water On Me!

One year ago today, we celebrated Ella's baptism. (You can click here to look back.) We got up there in front of God, our family, our friends and our wonderful church family and said, "Yep. We're up to it."

And we are still up to it.

Even though getting Ella ready for a 9:30 am worship service can be challenging...even though I have to pack diversionary snacks and surprises so that she is respectful during the sermon...even though I'm petrified our church family is going to spoil her stinkin' rotten.

At the end of the day, she is dancing during our worship music...she knows parts of that twisted maze of an old church building as well as her own home...she passes the peace on her own... and she STILL shouts out Ah-men! and has added Alleluia! to her repertoire.

And no, you don't read much about our faith on Ella's blog. That is a personal choice, a deliberate one. But it is a constant, sustainable presence. And without it, we would not be a family of three.

Tonight we will light her baptism candle and remind her that her light, the light God gave her, is bright and wonderful and full of promise. May you let your light shine as well.

H, L & EML

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