Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sassy Pants

Ella spent some time at Roz's house on Tuesday morning so that I could go into the office to unearth my desk. It is busy season in my line of work. The girls were thrilled and Sassy Pants Ella did a nice job of, well, being nice. We've been noticing an awful lot of attitude in her walk lately - mainly, the right arm swing.

And every good walk needs to include jumping.

And sharing flowers with one another.

Occasionally, a girl needs to re-fuel and take a good sniff of Panda from time to time.

We spent three hours at our MetroPark today with four other little FCC girls. The park was flooded with kids. It was marvelous and we both came home exhausted.

Tomorrow is quite the big day for the three of us. Ella's Friday caregiver, Christina, has retired, so to speak, graduating from nursing school and moving on to a new chapter in her life. It is difficult. Besides my parents, Christina is the only other caregiver Ella has had during our work week.

We think we have found a very good replacement for Fridays and she'll be starting at her 'school' tomorrow morning. I'm nervous. I'm a little melancholy. I remember like it was just yesterday how uptight I was the first time I left her to go to work. I feel 50 times worse than that now.

The real bonus in her new Friday setting is that Ava H., another one of our FCC buddies, will be in Ella's class. Ava will be a HUGE comfort to Ella as she gets her footing. We've talked to Panda and told her (Ella just told me yesterday that Panda was a girl) that she might need to step to the plate in our absence.

Thank you Christina, for loving our Ella so well. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes tomorrow!

H, L & EML

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