Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Little Yardstick

A rare occasion: Ella allowing camera to be present...playing in Roz's castle.
Ella had her two year doctor visit yesterday. Even her Daddy carved out a little time in his schedule to attend this one. There were shots, tears and sobs. But she did a nice job of re-grouping and even gave a high-five to her doctor before it was all over.

And I've decided to stop freaking out about her fickle eating habits because there's no question - SHE. IS. GROWING.

She weighs 27 pounds, 8 oz. and is a whopping 36 inches tall! Thus the new moniker, Our Little Yardstick. Her weight comes in at the 65th percentile; her height at 95th percentile. To give you a bit of perspective on how much she's grown, she is four (YES, 4) inches taller than she was at Christmas...just six months ago.

It looks like her legs and her hair are on the same mission of bionic growth.

Father's Day Weekend was a hit filled with a neighborhood gathering on Friday; live music over breakfast on Saturday; church then brunch with our family on Sunday; topped of with a day trip to our own oasis about 45 minutes north of Ella-land. It would have been nice to have a few pictures of such a great weekend, huh? Here's hoping the ban on shutterbug mama ends. Soon.

H, L & EML

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