Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture Thursday

Easter weekend was packed full of fun. On Saturday, we went to a Easter Breakfast-Farm-Hayride-Petting Zoo with Roz, Ava H. and Madelyn. It was messy. But the girls had big fun. Ella wore her best overalls, an original design by our friend Jennifer.

Madelyn, Roz and Ella enjoying their first hayride. Ava is MIA from this shot.

The baby bunnies were a favorite.

For all of my griping (I'm not much of a farm girl), I thoroughly enjoyed feeding the baby goats.

Ella, Ava and Madelyn having a go on the old school McD*onald's merry-go-round.

More to come. Right now, I need to get serious about sleep. I'm up at 4am to watch Wills marry his bride. In the summer of 1981, my mom and I rolled out of bed to watch Charles wed Diana. I have no problem admitting I was up most of the night into the morning watching the coverage on Diana's funeral. Lucille Ball and The Monarchy...OK, so you know my weakness.

There's a small part of me that is hoping Ella will have a 4am wake up, just so that I can plop her in front of the TV with me (tea and scones nearby complements of KatieRoz!) and say, 'This is history, baby." And with all the news of war, unrest and tornado devastation? Maybe all of us could use something joyful.


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