Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday

Ella spent the beginning of the week taking it easy at home, a calm before the storm if you will, of yesterday and today/tonight. Each day brings new discoveries and proof that she's thriving and learning and adjusting. We are madly in love with her.

Yesterday, she was bundled in "China Layers" of clothing (no less than three layers, double socks, fur boots and her furry pink winter coat) for our own baseball team's Season Opener. It was anything but spring here in Ella-town. And as we understand it from friends and family, the girl made the news as the TV camera shot some of the pre-game festivities. Only Ella. She was a trooper but caved before the game kicked off at 5:30. Hey, we can't blame her. We were spent!

Tonight, L is playing with his band, opening for our good friends blowing in from Chicago for a CD release party at a local watering hole. Some of the band will be crashing at our house tonight after the gig. I have a pretty good suspicion that a certain little girl will wake up for their arrival. That's OK, too. We can all sleep in on Saturday morning!

We'll post some footage on her Season Opener adventure before the weekend is out. Until then, enjoy.

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  1. I could listen to that laugh all day long. Fabulous!