Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Five Weeks and Six Days

Tomorrow marks six weeks we've been back in the states. This Sunday will be our two month (or eight week) anniversary as a threesome. Wow! Does our trip to China feel like a lifetime ago to you as well?? I still can't get over how surreal this feels. Still.

I've been editing the hundreds and hundreds of images we captured in our travels. I study Ella's face, the face from nearly eight weeks ago, and my heart nearly bursts at the progress she's made. In the next week or so, I'll share a few that we haven't posted yet.

Today Ella attended her first FCC playgroup. It felt great.

She got to hang with her friend Roz and Roz's mama...

...and steal her toys.

Have a great Thursday everyone. It is supposed to be fantastic weather here in our little Midwest corner of the world. H, L & E

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