Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

October, you are the best here in Ella-Land. You give us explosions of color, crisp air, warm sun late in the afternoon and let us hold on to the last remnants of summer. There isn't a soul in this area that doesn't relish in it all. We all gush about you, October. Sometimes you leave us feeling melancholy for the ease of summer and sunsets at 9:30 at night. 

Light...that is the hardest for us. October, you may bring a plethora of beauty but you take away our light. We will be eating dinner in the dark in a matter of days. With the light leaving, so does our energy and often find ourselves ALL in bed by 8:30 each night. I'm not looking forward to that, pretty October.

My little cook is getting better every day. She has mastered the vegetable peeler and carrot peeling is her favorite. I learn so much about her life while she saddles up next to me at the counter. Her mouth never stops. She dishes a lot on what is going on at recess with all of her strong opinions. 

We made a little road trip to visit friends.

 It was lovely. It was necessary.

We unplugged. We ate like royalty. We discovered Ella can eat about a dozen little bitty hard-boiled quail eggs in one sitting.
 Lake Michigan was freezing but it didn't come close to stopping them.

 For the first time in their history together, Ella did night cry because Ettan ticked her off.

The time together went too quickly.

Our time with Micah went too quickly too. Just a few short years ago, my parents took in this sweet old guy as a rescue. Within hours, he had settled into the typical Sheltie routine of following, herding the humans, and barking.

We said our good-byes. I wait for his clicking toenails on my parents' hardwood floors. I wait for the incessant barking. I hope his food bowl is overflowing with all his favorite foods now. He was the only dog I've known who would eat a raw potato. We are happy he spent his last years so spoiled.

We said our first hello's to this little man, too: Arbor, the great nephew.

Big bro Abbott and Ella had fun exploring together, too.

Brownie's is in full swing with some pretty powerful, high energy young ladies. I love their hand squeeze thing at the end. With two full months of school under her belt, Ella spends time each day 'teaching' again up in her bedroom. She essentially replays her school day in her imaginary play. I turn the baby monitor on to listen in BECAUSE I LEARN SO MUCH, and she knows the monitor is on...don't panic. I'm fascinated by it all.

I don't think a caption is necessary here.
We were super relieved at the school pictures - much more relaxed this time around!

The dentist appointment was perfect (and barefoot).
A trip to Ann Arbor for an art exhibit...

Rituals with her Chickie...
New beginnings have begun for Leigh, Katie's sister (Roz's aunt). Just last month she moved up to our parts from Florida. We still can't believe it. Leigh loves it at her new group home and we are enjoying getting to be with her.
It's October which can only mean I'm spending crazy amounts of time behind my camera or in front of my laptop as family photo sessions take up most of my 'free time'. I'm looking forward to reading the two books waiting for me on my nightstand once I'm through the crazy.  For as crazy as it is, I enjoy every second of it.

Roz and Ella, Ella and Roz. Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas. They are still amazingly close and ask daily when they will see each other next.

2016 annual neighborhood block party was a huge hit for everyone.
Having lunch with these women was also a big hit.

The mad scientist likes a good experiment.
Halloween is in five days. I'm super optimistic I'll be updating the blog before Thanksgiving! The time is fleeting ever-so-quickly that being in the moment has become more precious.


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