Wednesday, September 21, 2016

You started school 5 weeks ago, Ella!

So I'm the worst blogger ever. I have come to realize that if I can update The Life of Ella once a month I will be thrilled. And so it goes that life changes and homework loads get a touch heavier and involvement in Brownies coupled with the adult extra-curricular stuff has me satisfied with keeping this up for her to look back on.

And she does look back on it. Because as some of you may not know, each year this blog is bound into a book just for her. Who am I kidding? It is there for us to reminisce too and get all mushy about how much she has grown.

Second Grade started with such joy and has been that ever since. Since she has Mr. Heartz again this year (he loops with the class for two years), it has been smooth sailing. Ella loves school and other than being a slow mover in the morning, she is happy about starting a new day. I thought it would be another five years before we'd get to this point.

We have spent quite a bit of time on the road to Milwaukee and Columbus for weekend get-aways. When we are home, we find interesting stuff to get into.

We helped out this artist one morning as she was doing the prep work for her mural in our downtown. The finished product is stunning and I can't give it away because that wall is going to appear in family pictures soon!

My sous chef has upped her game, too. Her sense of independence and excitement in helping me cook is big fun. Dinner time is her bewitching hour. She's hungry and tired. Her mind is on overdrive from all the learning she shoved in it throughout the day. This has been a saving grace.

And the sense of humor...What I find most interesting is how selective she is about showing this side of herself. I actually like that about her because I know she's not trying too hard to be the class clown. It tells me she is still bashful which is a very major part of who Ella is. At home, though when all is safe she will come up with stuff straight out of the Carol Burnett playbook, or these faces which I find in my camera roll on my smart phone CONSTANTLY. 

Today marks the first day of Autumn. We are ready. The heat and humidity have been bad in our parts. The nights are getting cooler. The leaves are changing. We can hear football announcers from the local high school and the university on weekend nights if the wind is blowing just right.

Ella wants to be a cheetah for Halloween but has announced she does not want to go house to house for candy because of "scary things" and does not want me painting her face. She is always one to keep things interesting.


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