Monday, September 7, 2015

Teeth + Red Pandas + Shopping + Festival + Miss Hannigan = August

On their own, none of those things have a whole heck of a lot in common. But when you mesh them together it is what we accomplished in a few short days in early August. 

 She has become such a brave soul at the dentist and got another cavity free round of applause!

One of Ella's closest friends at school is Lil. She and Ella fit so well together and that girl's smile could light up a room. I gladly scooped her up for a day so that the girls could hang together.

We were delighted to check out the new red pandas at our zoo AND the new splash pad. Daddy-o even escaped from work to join us.

Our buddy Aubrey joined us mid-afternoon so that the girls could have fun with our zookeeper friend (another Aubry!). 

They learned all about training animals, big cats and red pandas.

School shopping is a rather predictable situation for us since Ella is in a uniform-wearing school. We still had fun getting a few new khaki, navy blue and red threads.

We fit in a festival so that Ella could gorge herself on an entire bag of cotton candy as all of our friends watched in amazement.
And then Roz came back from her long vacation...which meant two things: excitement about her return and trepidation about letting go of Miss Hannigan. That was the deal, you see. When they returned Miss H would be all set for her new life. So we did a lot more snuggling which didn't take much convincing for our kitten or our girl.

 Her 'last supper' with us. The tongue was an added bonus.
We did the transport crate free and wouldn't you know it but she didn't budge an inch from Ella's arms. It was like she knew.
Roz was so incredibly happy and so was Ella. She accepted the fact that if we couldn't keep her, having her at Roz's house was a really good alternative.
Thomas was bewildered. He searched for Miss Hannigan for several days.

Mavis, however, seemed to exhale a huge sigh of relief. I found this scene a few hours later. Mavis had earned her spot back!
Miss Hannigan has made her presence known at Roz's house and is having a blast with her big brother-dog, Henry. Even more than ever, we like going to their house. First order of business is always scooping up our foster girl and carting her around just like the good old days.


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