Thursday, September 17, 2015

Road Trip!

We managed to squeeze in a road trip before the summer escaped, and it was completely worth the wait. Reconnecting with our friends in Milwaukee was much needed soul food.

Ettan and Ella picked up right where they left off two years ago. Loki has grown into this gorgeous, smart, interesting young dude (he was that before...just taller now!). Ami and I were able to crash in comfy porch chairs and sip adult beverages smiling at each other and discussing all of life's big issues. Luke and Larry fit so well, too. It is such a rarity to meet and connect this well with people as you get older. None of us take that for granted.

Did I mention the cooking? Man, can Ami whip up some goodness. This trip, we were delighted to meet Ami's parents too.

What a surprise to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum. The exterior structure alone is worth the visit.

 We had ice cream.
We hit a most-excellent farmer's market.

 These two...
And we spent an afternoon on Lake Michigan splashing around.

It went too quickly. But we packed in so many wonderful memories in 72 hours and did it all with no air-conditioning in 90+ degree weather..all under one roof. Yay us for getting along!!!

 We can't wait for the next time. Oh the stories we would have if we all lived in the same city...


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