Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wheels are turning in all different directions.

My little bookworm! Ella is progressing so well in her reading. Yay Ella! I can't believe how her little wheels turn, how her imagination seems to go non-stop from morning until night. Most of her free-time is spent doing the following:

  • Teaching to her imaginary students in her bedroom.
  • Playing with dragons.
  • Playing My Little Pony.
  • Singing Frozen tunes 
  • Reading
  • Bossing (imaginary students or the cats)

Long gone are the days of Thomas the Train and setting up train tracks all over the living room floor. She will still play with cars or planes. But 90% of her play is done up in her bedroom usually with Thomas and Mavis lounging somewhere in the midst of her toys or books or the ten other things she has strewn about the room.

Long gone are the days of a meticulous room, especially as she got ready for bed. Oh the fits she used to have if just one little thing was out of place on her dresser or bookshelves! Her need to control all that has finally calmed down which is great. The messy bedroom we get in return is not so great.

We had multiple snow days or late starts due to weather and below zero temperatures over the last week. It has made getting back into the groove of school and routines quite difficult. She's hit the 1/2 way point of the school year and dang, I can't believe it.

We did take advantage of one snow day and saw the movie Annie. I even snagged two more kids, Josh and Claire, before we met up with KatieRoz.

The kids were big fun and so was the movie. You know what else comes with winter break and snow days? Relaxed 'bedtime protocol'. I have lost count how many times this happened in the last month. See how well she shares the bed? One day she won't want to do this and based on how quickly time is flying, that one day could be next month for all I know. We certainly don't have the room (queen sized bed) or the sanity to do this every night but we will admit to the deepest sleep having her right next to us...like all is right with the world.

Larry and I are also trying to be better bookworms in 2015. I've devoured one book and am on my second as of January 15. So, yay me too!


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