Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Before we returned to our reguarly scheduled life...

We did ALL the things!!! We had our annual Christmas Break gathering with Roz, Ava, Thomas and the newly initiated Addy at the Ho House. Because John Ho was home, the kids got to bring their swimsuits for hot tub fun. There was no way the moms were venturing out in the frigid temps.

Look at all that cuteness. We are blessed to have these friends who share the same journeys with us. Our children are blessed to have each other, whether they realize it now or not.
We managed to squeeze in a little time with Josh, Claire and Mia at the 11th hour too.

Ella got to bust out one of her favorite gifts - make your own snow globe. She was super proud of her baa-baa black sheep globe (not a panda...I know, crazy).

We headed over to Ruthy's house for her annual NYE bash for a bit, where Ella pretty much made herself at home in between all the adult chatter and celebrations.

The best part? We were home and in bed by 10:40pm. The three of us snuggled into our queen sized bed for the night. I will admit not a soul was awake to smooch at midnight. It didn't matter :)

On New Year's Day, we took the girls to blow off some steam at the mall AND blow some money that was burning holes in their respective pockets. They each left ecstatic with their purchases.

Our three-some enjoyed a great afternoon at the Museum too. Whew, we were busy. Larry doesn't often get to go with us. Ella was delighted and so was I.

A local ballet group performed under one of the art installations and we made a point to get there in time to take in the performance. It was nice and Ella sat riveted but still not enough interest for me to convince her to actually take ballet lessons.

We made it back to school on Monday, only to have a snow day today. She was beside herself that Mother Nature had thrown her this bone. After being home for about 30 minutes this morning, she rattled off a dozen things she wanted to do elsewhere. I'm really hoping we have school tomorrow or she will drive us all nuts.

Stay warm! ~H

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