Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wedding bells.

The first week of November was spent preparing myself for my nephew's wedding. Of course there is the emotional aspect of your oldest nephew tying the knot, but when Mr. B (Brandon for the rest of you) and Jody asked me to photograph their wedding, I was like yikes! I knew I had it in me but was slightly worried about being gone for 12 hours in the midst of it all Larry trying to get Ella presentable for her cousin's wedding.
We made sure to get in some good stuff the weekend before. I knew November 8 and 9 were going to be a wash.
Little library time with our buds.

Nephew #2 in line, Grant, headed home from Korea to be the best man. I waited 16 months to wrap my arms around him for this selfie.

Obligatory Auntie Heather and Groom pic.
Thank goodness for small miracles in our neighborhood. Mama Brooke came over bright and early on the wedding day to ensure an awesome French braid for the girl, thereby minimizing the gnashing of teeth when Larry would try to do something with her hair later.

The day was perfect. Jody and Mr. B. were perfect. The weather was freezing but the rain stayed away - so I'll call that perfect.

Ella never stopped at the reception. She and little Lily danced the entire night away, only stopping for a quick drink of their mocktails.

And not to be forgotten, my Dad celebrated his big 8-0 on the wedding day. We had big fun joining in for a round of happy birthday at the reception. It was a perfect way to celebrate.

My brother Greg boogying down with his grandsons, Matthew and Michael.
I have so many images from that day to look through and edit and smile about. It will take me six weeks to get through them all. It was -11 below windchill this morning (November 18!), so snuggling in with my laptop is not going to be a huge problem.

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