Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last call for fall.

This was seven days ago. No coats. Mild temperatures. Our little bud Mia stopping by to check out a book or two at our Little Library...("Zorba the Greek", she's an advanced reader)

The windchill is below zero today. There is snow on the ground. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Ella is bucking like a wild horse about putting a winter hat on her head. Hello, Midwest winter!

It doesn't seem to bother Thomas, who has taken a real shining to every bathroom fixture he can get on or in. He stares at the toilet water. He stands in the sink and stares at me like I am the crazy one.

Midwest winter means indoor projects take the front burner. The never-ending basement upkeep is back in full swing thanks to Larry and Ella who have been spending time scraping away at some nasty spots. Of course, she is in heels for this because it only makes sense to wear fashionable footwear for such work.

We bundled up for some time at our museum on Sunday and met up with Ava and Addy and Roz. We were delighted to have Mia and Jade, two other FCC kiddos, join us and invade the Family Center with cuteness.

And then under Katie's prompting, we got the girls together for this photo. As usual, I was splattered across the museum floor in order to get just the right angle! As you can see, Jade (on right) is not used to such antics. The photo is a million stories for me - each so individual, so beautiful inside with their cool stuff, stunning outside, journeys to us spanning years, loss, gains, love. Ahhh.


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