Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sound it out.

Every conversation these days is a sounded out, then spelled, then sounded out again. We find Ella in her room playing school with her imaginary students. Ella rips her book selections from the bookshelves, then proceeds to boss the heck out of these students. Often, they are getting 'bad marks' for being "disrestectful". She has figured out how to spell p*op, and breaks into peals of laughter every. single. time. 

Although our time with KatieRoz is not nearly what we wish it would be, these two pick up right where they left off. Big giggles, bossing and comfort.

Ella is such an awesome little sponge, soaking up information at school. Her teacher is a perfect fit for her (and me too!). My mama friends had warned me of the exhaustion. They were right. She is ready to sleep by 6pm. Ella has never been one to fall asleep on the couch after dinner until last week. I kept us like this, me editing away on photos and her curled up at my side, for hours. She is also a ridiculous bear in the morning with crying and screaming and over-all opposition to anything revolving around getting ready for school. Friends also warned me about this.

We've started in on the leaf situation. Ella is a determined little rake goddess, especially now that she has her own rake compliments of Grandma.

Lillian and E goofing on Crazy Sock Day.
Larry's TedX talk went live online this past week. Ella was amazed that her Daddy-O was talking on the computer! She sat like this enthralled until she looked up to ask, "When is he going to start talking about me?"

This past weekend was a wowza in our neighborhood. The university (just a few blocks away) celebrated homecoming with the annual parade through our streets. Couple that with our buddy Sophie's parade/birthday party, and Saturday was well spent.

Rufus and Tulia catching candy at the parade with E.

Did I mention face painting? Ella will never do it...but it doesn't stop me.

Saturday night: celebrating Lily's big #3 birthday!
We have new next door neighbors with young kids. It is great! We shared the pumpkin carving experience with them, too.

Ella drew; Larry cut.

We are looking forward to making some good memories with this crew, and I think we've got a good start going. Next up? Halloween celebrations because it seems to have turned into a week-long holiday.


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