Saturday, October 4, 2014

Of course, Thomas. Of course.

It isn't unusual for us to hear things fall, bang around and naturally assume that Thomas is the culprit. That cat gets into everything. And he's agile. He sleeps on kitchen counters (don't shudder...it happens) when I'm not yelling at him to get down. But when he comes hobbling up to our room in the morning, and then proceeds to hide out under Ella's bed for the next 24 hours...well, you know something is not right. One early morning trip to our vet confirmed that rather quickly: Thomas had broken his paw straight across.

Because of the location of the break, he isn't a candidate for surgery. He IS a candidate for a splint/cast for the next 6 weeks.

He spent his first few days in la-la land on heavy pain meds. He also spent most of that time sleeping or being carried around like a newborn by all three of us.

This was his safe place for the first week. He would hunker down in one of Ella's toy boxes and sleep the day away. He looked like one of the misfit toys.

Yes, he did this, a lot - like he was really interested in what was happening on my computer.

He is about 3 weeks into this recovery. He has successfully removed his splint once and had a new one put on. He has lost the 'cone of shame'. His sister has become his primary care-giver. Ella spends a good deal of time checking on him and bossing him about his increased ornery behavior. He can now negotiate windowsills, stairs, beds with his bum leg.

And in a few weeks, we will go back for repeat x-rays and say a little prayer that his young bones have healed back together again.

How did he do it? We still aren't certain!!


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