Thursday, September 11, 2014

For the love....

...I have three, THREE, blog posts in draft form just waiting for edits, additions.

Since September 2nd our life has been turned upside down.

We have one more day to complete Ella's second week of Kindergarten. Let it be known: she is counting the seconds until Friday.

She is making friends.

She is learning.

She does like her teacher, very much.

Her school is awesome.

Her teacher is awesome (and we have become quick email buddies).

But Ella is a mess. And she doesn't want to be away from me. And she thinks school is too long. For the last nine nights (even the weekends, much to my dismay), she has been up as early as 4am screaming for me and finding her way to our bed. Note to self: co-sleeping with a five year old is 'cozy' in a queen sized bed.

Did I mention crying? Did I mention anxiety? Did I mention repetitive questions? Yes. Yes. Yes.

So I'm finding absolutely no energy to update the blog once I get her into bed after the last crying session. Me? I'm tough as nails at this point. My heart breaks for her anxiety and listening to her wail for me as she walks to her classroom is pretty awful. But she's looking for a crack in my resolve. I know my girl :)

Lillian is one of these great new buddies.

Her very own Frozen cape to celebrate her first week of survival!

Knitted with love by my friend Susan. So sweet.

Breakfast on Saturday with her Daddy's band.

With Lily at Ah-men for our community service project day.

Swinging in the late afternoon sun with a new friend at the park.

Doing what she does best: assisting me in the kitchen as we make food for others.
Tomorrow we plan to hook up with Katie and Roz after school to celebrate Mama Katie's birthday, even if that means just letting the girls run wild in the house screaming with delight that it is Friday...finally!

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