Sunday, July 13, 2014

Projects. Pictures. Progress.

 Last weekend, we teamed up with my lifelong friends Rob and Ron, their kids and one little grandkid. It was one of those magical nights of running free, fireflies and ice cream sundaes. I love this photo of Isabella hauling Ava, Ike, Vera and Ella.

 Larry has been busy all week on a project I put him up to and there will be more on this later. Ella has been a great help in her high heels.

Speaking of high heels, I stumbled into the bathroom late one night last week to this image. The girl was so tired she left her heels at the commode before falling into bed. I couldn't move them. It reminded me of how great life is with her in it.

Grumpy (yet gorgeous) girl after nap wake up.

Late evening sliding at the park - see the moon?

Mavis daydreaming about life outside...
 Ella was able to hang out with Ava, Addy and Roz on Wednesday while I was at work. Mama Sara sent me this photo that afternoon. Our rag-a-muffin needed her hair fixed and John was there to help. What a good Daddy he is, not only to his girls but ours too.

 On Thursday, we spent the day at Ava and Addy's house swimming and before it was over (after a few crying fits), Ella made huge progress!! I can't believe how relaxed she looks in the video.

And we started out our glorious weekend with another Kids N Cocktails at Piper's house. This time, we got to bring Roz along with us. Talk about excitement!!

 My girls had fun with the camera in their Funny Face Series.

Larry with his sweethearts.

Such good buds.

1 year old Oliver!
We've got a week filled with Vacation Bible School, some last minute Roz time before she leaves for three weeks (gulp) and a great forecast. July, you've been so, so good thus far :)


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