Thursday, July 10, 2014


 Our little firecracker enjoyed the long weekend and so did her parents. We joined our friends at a primo fireworks spot on July 4th. I tried getting a group shot of Ella and all her buds (Claire, Josh, Ben, Blake, Morgan and Mia), but as you can see...

Before the show started, Matt gave us a show of his own by sending off some lanterns.

 And then this fabulous foursome joined us for a while - in their matching shirts!

I wish I could take credit for this shot. I cannot. Larry was hanging with the kids on blankets and scored this one of Josh. I was in the car with Ella who had her sound canceling earphones on and Frozen blaring on the stereo to further assist in drowning out the big booms. She lasted three seconds outside with the other kids. Poor thing.

In other exciting news, one of our teens from church is in China assisting at a panda reserve. This is Lindsay. We are super proud of her and Ella has been absolutely mesmerized by the photos she's been posting.

Today is my day off but hardly one where I will just lounge around on the couch. We are off to hang by the pool with Addy, Ava and Roz all day, and the weather couldn't be better for such a thing! Roz leaves next week for a three week vacation in Florida so we are trying to get in as much KatieRoz time as we can :)


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