Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yoga moves and other stuff.

For the last several months, Katie and I take a yoga class with the girls. We meet once a week with Miss Erin. Occasionally, there are other mamas and kids there. Dex, Erin's toddler joins us too. We have been enjoying it and watching the girls become more confident is great. Just last week, we tried this move. You can tell Roz has some gymnastics under her belt. For as lanky and flexible as Ella is...well, you can see.

Our little leprechaun came home from school in this awesome hat.

Even Mavis got in on the fun.

Then Ella stole the phone to take this of me, telling me how to pose and smile all the while. Smarty pants.

I tried to steal away in the bathroom for a few minutes to myself only to be greeted by this...

On Work-From-Home-Tuesday, I treated my excellent co-worker to a treat. Oh the excitement!!!!!!!!!! She was happy to curl up on the couch with her Daddy last night to watch it and sing along, of course.

And we hosted a little playgroup for the neighborhood kids late yesterday afternoon which was big, big fun.

Thomas was such a social butterfly and Sophie loved him.

Piper and Ella.
Spring is less than 24 hours away. Woohoo!!! ~H

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  1. I am pretty sure those big feet of yours might be holding Ella back from her full potential at nailing that yoga flip. LYLAS! ;)