Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre-School Prep.

Back in business after vacation - sparkle shoes, peacock skirt and tricycle.

Ella went for her 3-year check up on Monday ( I know, slightly late!) and to get all of her medical forms in place for pre-school starting in September.

Our baby girl isn't much of a baby anymore at 39 1/4 inches tall and 32 pounds. She is in the 80th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. She is a tall, lean string bean! This is no surprise as she towers over her buddies. (Roz has realized this and can't quite figure out how she could be older than Ella and Ella could be taller. Roz usually tells us she is 'going to grow tall like a giraffe' to offset this reality.)

Pre-school will start the week of September 10. She will go two mornings a week at a church in our area. One of her neighborhood friends will be in her class. What is most comforting is that Ella's teacher will be a woman I've known for many years. The comfort that gives me, gives us, is infinite. Perhaps this will cut-down on the potential for me to be an emotional landslide on her first day!!

While we were still unpacking our suitcases, we welcomed a visit from my childhood friend, Sam, her husband and their sweet little guy, Drew, who flew in to see family. We reconnected a few years back thanks to a popular social network. We really connected during their adoption journey. We burned up the telephone lines for months! It was wonderful to be able to wrap my arms around the little guy I had only seen in photos.

Sam and I did not catch on that our fists were supposed to be in our mouths.

Next on the list? Blog post with vacation pics!!


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