Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good stuff.

So, so much good stuff going on in August that I can barely wrap my arms around everything we've done. We are just back from vacationing in Wisconsin where we met up with friends and lots of wonderful kids. The laundry remains untouched (yikes) because our main goal has been establishing a much-needed routine again. I think we've achieved it - a huge accomplishment!

Before we left, I had the honor of showing some of my photographs downtown in conjunction with our Arts Commission Art Walk. I was humbled at how many friends came to celebrate. Larry and his band mates entertained us. The photographs were my favorites from our China travels. I'm amazed at how quickly I can be transported back to our time in China, our first days with Ella at the slightest glance at the images.

What was most touching was the support from our FCC families. Not only did our FCC Mamas come with kids in tow, but so did the Daddy-o's. The images on the walls may have been mine; for me the celebration was in honor of Ella, her homeland and her FCC friends as well.  

Roz, Madrin, Ella and Thomas watching from the loft!

Ava and Emmett prepared for the rain.

We ate. We danced. We drank. We laughed. And the band gave Ella a wonderful surprise by playing her all-time favorite song: You Are My Sunshine. She and her buddies crowded in front of the band bouncing and laughing. Honestly? I'd go through all the work and stress a dozen times just to have all these friends and family in the same room again.
Thank you to all for such a special evening, especially Larry who pushed me oh-so-gently to venture outside of my comfort zone.

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