Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picture Wednesday

Mama Katie and I carved out a little time from my work-from-home Tuesday to let the girls wander around the books at our neighborhood library. There is a stage for story-time in the children's section. It was the perfect venue for the Rozzie-Ella Show. Ornery girls, don't you think? And what blows me away more than anything is how tall Ella is! I mean, I see her lanky legs and long torso every day, I know. What I have to remind myself is that she is five months younger than Roz.

And on Sunday morning, Ella wore a new dress to Ah-men. Rozzie's Daddy-O traveled to China recently for business. He came back with fabulous goodies for the girls. This dress was one of them. He did very, very well. Ella loved the fact that Patrick bought it for her. (She is smitten with Patrick. SMITTEN.)

And she didn't go barefoot to Ah-men. Promise.


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