Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Milestone Tuesday!

Ella's first official trip to the dentist went wonderfully!

Here she is all ready to go. She wouldn't sit in the seat without me, so she ended up laying ON me. Twenty teeth and all in perfectly tip-top shiny condition. It is no wonder, the girl brushes her teeth no less than six times a day. The doctor used words like palette and spacing and other stuff. Bottom line, she's got plenty of room for all her big girl teeth. The thought of her actually losing a baby tooth makes me crumble.

Here she is, all smiles at the end. Even Panda got a clean bill of health.

Our dentist's office has 'kids day' twice a year and today was that day. Bertie the Clown was in the waiting room to keep us company. Ella wasn't exactly scared but she was painfully bashful.

She got to play with Bertie's trick toys. Bertie even made her a butterfly balloon to take home.

Ella Man Li, we are so, so proud of you!! Way to hike up those big girl pants! Oh and rest assured, I was the only mama there with my big old camera, snapping photos. No surprise there, really.


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  1. Such a big girl....and I don't just mean that she's tall! So happy that her 1st experience at the dentist was a fun one. Tell her Aunt Mimi is very pround of her healthy teeth and that she brushes so often!

    P.S. The pool has been open for quite a while now...Uncle Duck (a/k/a Glenn) also bought new pool noodles and he's just waiting for a little mermaid to come over and try them out.