Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Started Here.

Long before we began our talks of adoption, filled out the first piece of paperwork that brought us to Ella, there was Friday the 13th of September, 2002.

It was a fabulous day filled with family and friends and music. It was a party. There was a lot of dancing.

Ella took her time looking at this photo today. She asked about my dress and commented on my 'pretties' (i.e. jewelry). I think she's trying to figure out why she isn't in the wedding photos.

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary as a three-some. Tonight Ella's grandma and grandpa are going to pinch hit so that we can enjoy a nice dinner as a two-some...and spend most of the time talking about her.

H, L & EML

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  1. How could anyone believe that 9 years ago,with an I DO, we would have your precious Ella Man Li as a part of our lives. You both have come through a lot. What a blessing. Love Gamma & Papa