Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodnight Trees. Goodnight Shade. Goodnight Moon.

Standing in our yard last week, camera stretched to the sky near time of sunset.
Last week, a talented, kind group of guys came and gently took our old gals away. It was out of our hands. Both trees in our front yard were badly damaged/dying. In just under three hours, we went from this

...to this:
From beginning to end, we watched from our neighbor's front yard. Ella was fascinated. Panda was as well.

He made it look soooo easy.

She took to calling them 'the tree boys'. As they left, there were rounds of kisses blown and horns blown in her honor.

It has been an adjustment on the eyes. But we have a whole winter to scribble on graph paper in plotting out what is next. That will be fun. Ella will help.

Last night I peeked out our front door and saw these two. A week ago this photo opp would have been impossible. At least there's that!

Have a great week!

H, L & EML 

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