Friday, August 12, 2011

When you are two years old...

...it doesn't take much doing to squeal out "I had fun!"

It could be taking a dip in a swimming pool, or getting ice cream, or taking a ride on a brand new tricycle (thanks to best in the world grandparents). Sometimes it is cranking up the tunes, opening a brand new bag of foam stickers and making a disaster of the dining room table.

Ella Man Li spends most of her waking hours enjoying. She knows what she wants and I applaud her independence, attention to detail and determination in getting to where she wants to be. What touches me more is her budding loyalty to those she loves. Before she falls asleep, she spends an enormous amount of time chatting with Panda. If the girl is talkin' about you in the crib, you rank.

My second child, Roz, spent a morning with us this past week. The girls were out of their minds at this good fortune...over four straight hours of togetherness. I'm delighted to report that more than ever, they are interacting as siblings. Translation? They are both dishing it out in equal amounts!

Hoping your weekend is wonderful. ~ H, L & EML

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