Saturday, August 6, 2011

A little of this. A little of that.

If you have noticed fewer pictures of Ella and Roz together lately, it is because Roz went to Florida for almost two weeks with her Mama to visit her grandparents. As suspected, Ella was a bit lost. We had near daily phone conversations and the chatter about KatieRoz was endless. We are happy to report they are back safe and sound!

Ella and I spent some good times together and just this past Thursday went on our first outing to a local public swimming pool. A water-logged Ella reported having a lot of the fun in the pool. Later that evening we went to see Ella's Shu-Shu Jeffie perform at a local park. Our extended family had blankets all around us.

Ella got to bust out her rock n' roll gear. She (translation: we) have been dying for the perfect place to wear it.

All of Ella's little peeps a bit awestruck.

Ella and Auntie Sarah, her buddy.
I've lost count how many times she has used the big girl potty since my last update. She has rather effortlessly glided into this next phase of growth. And after two full months of going to 'school' on Fridays, drop off yesterday was without screaming and gnashing of teeth...for the first time!

I'll leave you with a video of story time with Simba. Our 15 year old feline is a high-maintenance old gal but she has the patience of a saint with Ella.

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