Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Referral Anniversary Eve!

(Drums...The Daily Ritual in Ella-Land)

One year ago tonight, we had no idea what she looked like. Conceptually, we knew she was with us, under the same full moon. But we didn't have the face to gaze at yet. A year ago tonight was essentially the last night we were a two-some. Every single decision and thought wrapped around her from December 2nd thereafter.

Over the last week, I've been spending time reading through our Ella Journal entries from one year ago. That Journal is golden! I am amazed at the detail, most of which has slipped my memory. I share an excerpt written by Larry on the morning of December 2. It's just a little peak into that enormously emotional, happy, surreal day.

"This morning, the phone rang while I was still in bed. Your Grandma Irene was in tears, telling me to check R@mor Queen. At the same time, our friend Katie was calling your mom's cell phone, telling her the same thing, and actually reading her today's blog post over the phone. If correct, your package, and many others, are in transit to the respective adoption agencies. You're in the air, baby! At least we hope so. To be honest, we are nervous. Maybe scared, just a little. This is life-altering stuff, for you and us. I'm ready if you are."

So, raise a glass or a coffee cup or a teacup tomorrow in celebration!!


  1. We've raised them so many times this past year and will continue. We've all been so blessed.

    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. It's hard to believe it has been a year since Ella became known to us all! EML seems to have been with us all for a lifetime already.

    Happy anniversary, baby girl. You are loved by so many.

    Aunt Mimi
    (aka Amy Meiring)

  3. WOW what a ride. GP&GM