Sunday, November 28, 2010

An end to a great week

EML celebrated her very first Thanksgiving. We packed it up and traveled a few hours south to my brother's. My sister-in-law prepared a feast. I packed everything but the camera. Nice, huh? You'll have to trust me. She looked pretty cute. She figured out the lay of the land and took over. We are delighted with how much she enjoys a party. (Such a cool little chick, really.)

We greet this holiday season with open arms and a little extra bounce in our step because of Ella's arrival. Personally, it is nearly impossible to remember life before her. Her presence is so huge; her spirit so out of this world that the bittersweet edges from past holidays have faded.

Enjoy some shots of our fun weekend together. You'll note that Ella is bathing in the sink. When mama is nursing a bad back, this is how we roll.

Ella ready to shout amen, sing and dance in church wearing the dress her daddy picked out while we were in China.

H, L & EML

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