Sunday, September 26, 2010

The winds are a changin'

(Ella on her very first pony ride at Saturday's festival)

The air just feels different. It is Autumn - almost over night! And in our parts, it is a lovely time of year. In fact, we think it is the loveliest. The fall festivals and celebrations are in full swing. It was a busy weekend kicked off by a Kids & Cocktails gathering (another bonus of living in our neighborhood with a hip/trendy mom's group); a fall festival in the neighborhood just next to ours on Saturday afternoon; and an enormous block party back in our neighborhood Saturday night. Ella's daddy and his band kicked off the block party. We had a great time. Ella spent a lot of time dancing when she wasn't socializing with all of her friends. My word, the girl likes a good party.

(Nervous mom trying to make sure she holds on tight - she had entirely different plan)

(Ella pointing to her girl, Roz, just ahead of her...see below)

Have a great week, all. H, L and E

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