Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Weekend of Daddy

As of late when you ask Ella to say "Mommy", her response is "Daaaaaaaaaaaaadddddeeeeeeeeeeeeee" with an ornery grin. She spends a great deal of time moving through the house hollering Daddy's name. They are a pair. It is a love affair.

She came home from Christina's (her Friday caregiver) with her very first piece of art work - all for Daddy. Truth be told, I spent a fair amount of time choking back tears as I took in her little paint hand prints.

Ella treated her Daddy to a pretty big weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon at our Museum for the annual Juneteenth Celebration. Juneteenth (aka Freedom Day or Emancipation Day) commemorates the abolition of slavery in the U.S. The music, hands-on art, sights were great fun. That night, we went family-style to watch our local minor league at a home game. The girl hung in there for seven innings and enjoyed the people-watching of the SRO crowd. We continue to be amazed at how perfectly she nestles into the life we had before her. Sure, there are adjustments but Ella is our girl, for sure.

Sunday brought a little church, a little brunch with my family in honor of my dad and Ella's first swim in a 'big girl' pool.

And when it was pool-time at our house yesterday, she seemed less than impressed with sitting in 4 inches of water.

Have a great week everyone. H, L & E

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  1. Seriously. That little girl is from Planet Crazy Cute.