Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The First of Several

Would it make any difference if I told you we've been movin' and groovin' and doin'? That we've been so busy enjoying summer and laughter that working on photos and the blog haven't been a priority? I hope so.

Let's hit the rewind button to Thursday of last week - Ella's Readoption Hearing. Here we are waiting to be called into the courtroom. It is not the best of Larry or me, by a long shot, but who cares about us? Look at Ella's smile. (Her sweet dress a gift from our friends Steve and Cyndy.) And remember that pink bow...

My parents and friends Katie, Patrick and Rozalyn were there.

Remember the Blog Mistress (our lifeline!) who kept us all connected while we were in China?? Well, she's quite the talented lady as she was also Ella's attorney. Her husband Dave, and their children, Gabe and Lana, also joined us. In fact, Lana, Rozalyn and Ella have all been re-adopted in the same courtroom.

Our probate court judge loves an adoption hearing. He is warm, personable and genuinely interested in the journey that connects sons and daughters to moms and dads. Ella babbled through most of the hearing, causing the judge to pause, smile and talk with her. Really, quite sweet. Ella received her own gavel, a tradition started over 50 years ago in our court. (Look carefully, she's holding it.)

This last group shot is comical. Look at all of us - smiling big, happy, the Judge right in there with all of us...and where is Ella??! Look for the bright pink bow. She is the one, front and center, oblivious to the fanfare around her.

More to come...H, L & E

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