Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Things Crystal

We admit it. We are fully on board the American Idol Express.

The season started while we were in China. Wow. We're like, 6,000 miles away and we catch these Yahoo News bulletins about Crystal Bowersox. After making fun of the show for years, we have watched every episode possible since our return. I know Crystal, not well, but I do know her. To see this happen to someone so deserving is just so . . . right. The last time we talked to her, she was playing a patio gig to about 30 people. Just the same, she was totally making love to an old Patsy Cline song. She ran out to the parking lot for something, and joked about her car being held together with duct tape.

Now here she is, being awarded the key to the city! I have to believe that there is a moral in here somewhere about hard work, dreams, good things coming to good people, etc.

Here is a video from downtown Toledo on Friday. It's not much, but I think that it shows the mayhem.

Go Crystal!

Here are some photos taken by a friend...

The final thing is not only that we're happy for her, but that we're just so darn proud of how she's done it so far - with some good old Midwest rock n' roll soul. OK people, remember to watch, and to vote! Larry, Heather & Ella

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