Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Stork In The Big Brown Truck

Today is the day that Ella's original file will be delivered to our front door by way of a certain brown truck that specializes in such expedited deliveries. In international adoption circles, this day presents the perfect photo opp! The unsuspecting delivery person will be asked to pose with us as he or she 'delivers' Ella to us.

I am glued to the house today until the doorbell rings. Larry's schedule is a bit more hectic today. He's home for now and fingers crossed the timing works out that he's here when the stork arrives.

So, what's in this package? All of Ella's original documents in Chinese, the complete English translations, photos and the Letter Seeking Confirmation. That letter is what we sign and mail back saying, "YES! YES! We accept this referral!" It will be the letter that sets in motion our goal of achieving Travel Approval (or TA).

And by the way, pinching is still required. This is surreal. We can't believe this is finally happening. More details on your girl later!


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