Friday, December 4, 2009

Out Of The Mouths of Babes

Oh boy, are we still floating high, high in the clouds! And the grins?!! We are awaiting all of the translated documents. We will share that information, although somewhat limited, when we get it.

The last three days are a blur and yet crystal clear all at once. Does that make sense? We’ve looked at her photos no less than a thousand times. The phone calls. The voicemail messages. The text messages. Facebook even! And it continues on still this morning. Wednesday night was a flurry of this plus the doorbell ringing and ringing with bulldozer hugs greeting us at the door from my parents and friends. What a rush!

But more than the impact this little person’s presence has had, is the outpouring of love, joy, support and celebration of our family and friends that washes over me. We have an army behind us. Not a mere village but an army. She has no idea what awaits her half way around the world. Or does she? I look at the close up photo of her to the right and think clever, clever girl. Maybe she does know? Maybe she’s known all along?

To know us is to also know how deeply we adore the children in our life. Years filled with sleepovers, milestones, art museum classes, trips to Tony Packo’s for live music, the teens at church…To be able to share the news of Ella with these little people (and some not so little anymore) has been heartwarming. So, I leave you with a few quotes from Wednesday night.

Isabella, age 5: “She’s adorable. If she was here now I could just stare at her all day.”
RJ, age 2 and little bro to Isabella: “She’s 'dorable.”
Isabella: “I think that’s the Ella that they should keep. I want them to have that Ella.”
RJ: (at the top of his lungs) “Ellllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”
Madrin, age 3: “I go see her now please.”

And my personal favorite…

Isabella: “Feather’s belly never got very big.” (Yes. Feather and not Heather.)

Go have yourself a great weekend. Check in with us soon. Love, H&L

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