Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hearts spelled a little differently.

Dear Blog, I never meant for us to break up over the last six weeks. I hope you'll take me back. Things have been, well, busy. And at the end of the day, uploading photos and keeping track of Miss Ella's active life has fallen by the wayside. In addition, my camera has been on rapid fire photographing 22 families in the neighborhood for the third annual photo shoot blitz. This year didn't disappoint in the fun; it also didn't disappoint in the work.

Mr. "Hearts" will be Ella's teacher this year and next as he follows the class into the second grade. We were told he was magic and we kinda believed it? But the first quarter of her first grade has been living proof that he does connect with his students in a way that thrills us. Ella has not looked back since her feet hit the ground this school year.

He reminds me a great deal of my brother John. (I secretly love that.) I know that he doesn't like coffee, chocolate and forgets stuff. A lot. Why? Because he engages with the kids and makes himself real. She loves to come home with stories about Mr. H. Her face lights up when she re-tells them (insert crush face).

Her first day was greeted with big smiles, confidence and NO TEARS. As for Panda? Well, he still goes to school with her in a special little zipper pocket on the outside of her book bag.

She has consistently received 'blue slips' which are a good thing, showing her willingness to try and progress in class. Her confidence in reading has grown leaps and bounds due to the aggressive reading curriculum.

Breakfast for dinner to celebrate an amazing first week of school...more whipped cream than anything else. And pure exhaustion by 7pm every night.

Ella had her first eye exam to make sure she was seeing things clearly on the board. She did great and her doctor was big fun.

Goofball? Oh yes. That part of her seems to be growing as well.

Abbott and his grown ups came for a weekend visit, too.

What a treat that was and we are amazed at how fast Abbott is changing into a little man!

Piano has started to go quite well now too (whew, no more crying fits at the keyboard!). She is getting the hang of it. It has re-opened that part of my brain again too. I feel like I'm in fourth grade all over again!

Tae Kwon Do classes are being offered at her school once a week. We have gently instructed her she is trying it out. You would think we'd asked her to leave home. For as much progress as she has made in so many aspects of her little life, there are still complicated layers.

So here's hoping our relationship gets back on track, little old blog o' mine. I promise I still love you.


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  1. Of course you and I both touched our neglected blogs on the same day... :) xoxo!