Monday, August 10, 2015

Joey Turns One and Water Park Adventures.

It is hard not to play favorites with this little one-year old. You may recall how I first met him when he came into this crazy world. I don't care what anyone says, he knew I was there and he's been my snug ever since. His mama threw an awesome birthday party.

Including homemade root beer floats!

That evening we headed out to Larry's early gig at one of our favorite bars. Ava/Addie and Sophie and their grown ups joined us for pizza and live music.

Good old Sully treated the girls to ice cream at a place up the street. They even had the ice cream before dinner!
Later on in the week, we packed up two cars worth of kids and headed north to a water park. The weather was perfect. So was the park.

In other news, Thomas had a week of being quite sick. The vets are stumped as to why but after two trips to the vet, and a 24 hour stay with an IV, we are happy to report that he is back to ornery Thomas. Whew.

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