Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A birthday and bonus time.

The past few days have been filled with all kinds of special bonus time, it seems. I treated my girl to ice cream after school, she got a rare Friday Girls Night In with Roz too. And because Roz and her grown ups are in the middle of some very exciting changes (more on that later), Roz spent her Sunday with us too. The sister-friends are as funny as ever - Ella bossing and Roz trying to figure out how to deal with Ella's mouth without hurting her feelings.

On Saturday morning, we all gathered to celebrate Emmett's 5th birthday. We had big fun honoring our little guy! And because that was not nearly enough time together, we traipsed around the mall together for a few hours that afternoon.

My heart melted to see these three taking 'selfies' of themselves. I think we should re-create this photo once a year to see how they change. The leaps and bounds they have made since starting kindergarten is impossible to articulate.

And thank GOD there is little Addy. I still have a little one to fuss over and hold while the three in the background surf YouTube for Katy P videos.

 And the Katy P obsession hasn't stopped. Ella. Is. Hooked.

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