Friday, February 27, 2015

Lunar New Year Goings On.

We are at Day 8 of 15 into celebrating the Year of the Ram so I'm feeling especially cocky that I am getting this post done before the Lantern Festival on March 5 (which marks the end of the festival). We had a great time celebrating this year with our annual FCC gathering and my chance to teach Ella's class about the New Year traditions.

Frick and Frack.

The Weston brewing consortium brought Larry a new brew.

This group shot is just great, including Addy's pout face, front and center. What a wonderful group of families we have in FCC. 

The Brat Pack Mamas.
Then things got serious and I had to prepare for Ella's class. Hat's off to her teacher, Mrs. P, for giving me as much time as I wanted. Ella was elated and super proud of all that we were sharing. The class was amazingly wonderful, I mean really great.

Ella's superb dragon on her lantern.

The taste testing was a big hit! Longan and Lychee fruits were eaten with chopsticks. And Ella, who is the pickiest of picky decided to try both because everyone else was. The Longan fruit won out as we charted our scores on the board. And boy did they have fun imagining they were eating eyeballs...

Since I was already two hours in to school duty, I stayed to help in the lunch room, too. The chatter of two kindergarten classes had me ready for a big cup of coffee at my quiet desk for the rest of the afternoon.

Since Larry had a meeting that night, we took Panda out to celebrate our successful school day with our favorite Chinese food.

And a little flashback of greetings from five years ago - fat little Guan Man Li in China!

 And no blog post would be complete without a cat photo. Thomas - looking regal, or ticked, or both.


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