Monday, February 17, 2014

Commotion in the Ocean.

Ella's preschool had their annual fundraiser last week. The finished product was a scaled-down performance due to all the glorious missed days from school (and rehearsals) due to the snow. But it was still perfect. They performed their sweet little ocean themed songs and had a ball.

She knows her way around a percussion instrument!

Seeing her smile and enjoy herself was great.

She had her cheering committee there as well: Grandma, Papa, Katie, Roz and Patrick. She had her table full of smiles and love.

Three of my favorite women!
It doesn't hit me how much taller Ella is than Roz until I see a photo I've taken of them. Ella always manages to get her arm around Roz's neck or shoulder in her 'love grip'.

Ella's reaction while she and Roz awaited their balloon cats being made.

I don't know what next year will bring with a new school along with new traditions. But boy are we having fun soaking up all of this right now. Such a big girl!!


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